How we build a great pool of talent for you?

Whether you are building a team of developers or just looking for a developer to work on a project for you, we have something exciting for you. At Perfectively, we work hard to find the most talented developers that come from a diverse background having pinnacle experience which make them a specialist in their respective tech stack. To make it more sweet, we hand pick every developer that joins our talent pool.

All our developers go through a rigorous testing process before they are hired. It is a multi-level most up-to-date process based on industry standards. Take a look at our the chart below to get a bird’s eye view of our quest to find the best developers for you.

Perfectively High Tech Solutions Hiring Process

Our process begins with finding a large number of applicants for a specific role that we are trying to fulfill. We have partnered with the best and the topmost job portals in and around the country to get the highest possible amount of applications which then we hand pick to take it further. The selected aspirants are invited to take a written technical evaluation test, which ascertains that the applicants are subject experts in their respective fields.
The most deserved programmers and developers pass this rigorous set of test and move to the next round of evaluation where we check their communication skills and ask them to solve complex programming task. This is where most of our filtration happens if they are not up to the mark, we let them go away, as we think programming is the most valuable skill a developer might possess, no matter how much difficult or complex the problem is.

As a final step, we conduct multiple interviews with the luckiest candidates where we verify if they would be a good teammate, someone who is a pleasure to work with. The chosen ones from this final step are the ones presented to you!

Commitment to quality!!

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