How to hire remote developer?

Finding the best developer is not the difficult task, but to find and work with the right one is. Hiring a mobile app or website developer is the most challenging part in building a strong and responsive team. It’s not just about saving a few dollars, but also choosing the right partner who can add value in more ways than just development. With the change and improvements in technology, companies face big problems to keep themselves updated. Outsourcing developers who are skilled in particular technology can really solve this problem. Hiring will help you maximise revenues for your business. Today there are more and more companies who are changing their recruitment process and strategy to include more remote candidates or workforce for better and flexible work.

According to a survey conducted by Elance*, 54 percent of business owners said they expected the majority of their workforce to be working online by 2017. “These numbers are showing that there is widespread adoption of hiring people online, and supports our prediction that one out of every three people hired in 2020 will be hired online,” said Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance. It’s not easy the first time, there will be instances where you will commit mistakes but by going through this article, those instances can be mitigated. This article is meant to ease the process of hiring, recruiting and outsourcing your next software developer, web designer or any remote developer.

Here’s is a step-by-step guide on how to hire a remote developer successfully:

  • Match the Skillset you need – Look for a developer who has skills which you are looking for. Go through developer’s profile or portfolio and check thoroughly whether is this the required person or not. One more suggestion, don’t just look for a techie who only has interest in finishing his/her task also look if he/she has interests in improving your app development plan from the market or people’s point of view because the good one’s know what works and what doesn’t in the market as they have worked with many clients and on different projects.
  • Communication Skills – While hiring a remote developer, communication skills play an important role. A developer who is having a full-time job in a company can communicate directly to the project manager or the person responsible, but in the case of a remote developer due to the difference in time-zones and no direct contact with team members, proper project communication doesn’t take place. So if a developer has better communication habit and quality, then it will keep things running smoothly in spite of these time differences. To check if a developer has this skill or not, ask a lot of open-ended questions regarding the project, his knowledge, past work experiences, etc.
  • Work Experience – Most developers who apply for these posts are either experienced or junior level. Try to choose the experienced ones because they have worked on many projects like yours and can suggest you improvements in your development plans. They have better insights about development and market trends. They know which type of project works better in the market so it’s better to hire an experienced developer. Look for the whole package, not just technical expertise.
  • Hiring – Hiring developers from a reputed and experienced agency have many advantages than hiring developers from different freelancing websites. If you hire developers from a reputed company, you have the option to change the developer in case of any discrepancy. Developers get better infrastructure, better software, and guidance from seniors. All these reduce your development cost. In case of developers from agency, you don’t have to worry about the originality of a developer, HR personnel checks the background and skill set of each developer who works for you.
  • Quality matters over price – Don’t ever go for a cheap price tag. You need to develop a great product, not the cheapest one. Trust the reputed developer agency, they have worked with hundreds of client and know what issues one faces while developing a product. Often small business owners and startups go with the lowest option but it turns out to be more expensive in long run.

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How to hire a remote developer?

Finding the best developer is not the difficult task, but to find and work with the right one is. Hiring a mobile app or website developer is the most challenging part in building a strong [...]