6 Reasons why it's a good idea to hire remote developers for startups

Startups Entrepreneurs have big business ideas and they keep on working on different things but for executing these ideas and making them successful, they require skilled and experienced engineers or developers, good financial support and infrastructure. As per the recent data and growth fact, 50% of the startups fail within their four years(https://blog.capterra.com/small-business-statistics/). There are certain dos and don’ts that startups need to follow in order to be successful in this competitive business environment. Outsourcing has time an again proved that it is one of the key ingredients that accelerates the growth of startups.
Working in Startups requires dedication and self-motivation at different points. Experienced professionals always suggest focusing on things you are good at and handover things to other people who are experts in their fields.

6 Reasons why it’s a good idea for startups to outsource software development:

1. Economical & Cost effective – It is stated by Mark Growth that 46% of startups fail because they run out of money. Outsourcing software development (http://perfectively.com/) will prevent startup owners to give a high salary to their developers at a very early stage of business establishment. It will help them to reduce their cost of development and the risk of getting eliminated out of the startup race. Outsourcing provides different ranges of products to startups at a very affordable rate.The entrepreneur can save money and invest that in other activities of startup.

2. Flexible Hiring of Developers Startups can increase or decrease the number of developers they hire for a particular project according to their requirement. They don’t have to hire people permanently and pay them a fixed salary. Outsourcing development is flexible in nature and reduces problems regarding man-management. In outsourcing there is no restriction to work with the same developer who does not perform well, developers can be changed easily after mutual agreement with the outsourcing agency.

3. Space requirement When startups go for outsourcing, they don’t have to worry about the infrastructure availability and developers as the outsourced agency will have all the required facilities. In this way, startups can have good results without spending much and worrying about their cash reserves.

4. Time Time is money for entrepreneurs who want their business to grow at an exponential rate. Outsourcing provides entrepreneurs opportunity to focus their time and attention towards marketing and branding, meeting investors, attending various conferences and networking.

5. Best Talent and Consultancy When outsourcing IT services, startups get access to latest technology, frameworks, and experienced developers at an affordable cost. Developers at these firms have enough experience of development and exposure to a lot of project issues which they can use to help you in your project. Startups can harness the work knowledge and experience of IT Company who provides development teams.

6. Fast turnaround timeProduct development outsourcing comes down to completion speed of the projects. Startups are involved in a lot of activities and deadlines for a product launch. In that case outsourcing the development plays an important role in easing the problem of project completion and meeting the deadlines because experienced companies use project tracker and time tracker tools to keep the client updated about the current projects status. They also offer flexible development that can adapt to market trends and keep startups in the game.

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